We are pleased to update you on the proposed redevelopment of 1-3 Ellen Street on behalf of Watkin Jones Group, ahead of the anticipated determination at the Brighton & Hove planning committee meeting in September 2020.

Our proposals

Watkin Jones is seeking to redevelop 1-3 Ellen Street to provide 216 new homes for the rental market, with over 2000 sqm of flexible commercial space, including provision for a new community centre. The development also proposes significant improvements to the public realm around the site, including new footpaths and street lighting, additional trees, raised planting, and seating areas along Ellen Street.

Community engagement & consultation

Over the past 10 months, Watkin Jones has undertaken extensive consultation over the proposed development at Ellen Street. Integral to this process have been the contributions of your local Councillors John Allcock, Marianna Ebel and Jackie O’Quinn, along with valuable input from the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum whose contributions have significantly influenced the improvements to the scheme, and a well-attended public consultation event. Set out overleaf are some of the improvements that have been secured for the scheme during the consultation process.



New Community Space

The most significant changes that the local Councillors and Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum have secured on the site has been the addition of community space within the proposed development. Community access to the building was something that the local Councillors and the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum have emphasised from our earliest engagement, so we are pleased to be able to offer space that will be available for use by local groups and residents.

On-site Affordable Housing

Throughout our discussions, the local Councillors and Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum have emphasised the need for affordable housing in the area. While the independent viability assessment for this site concluded that the development could not provide any affordable housing Watkin Jones has offered 10% provision of affordable housing within the development to reflect the importance to the local community This will be available at an average discount of 75% market rent value for a minimum three-year tenancy. This provision, in conjunction with the Build to Rent design, will respond to growing demand for affordable

Transport and Highways

During the consultation process, Conway Street was identified by the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum as a key route that should benefit from the proposed development. A two-way cycle path has been added on Conway Street, which will link the improved stairs down from the station through to Fonthill Road, as well as significant ‘greening’ through the addition of new trees and planting.

Ellen Street and Ethel Street will also receive extensive public realm improvements, with new widened pavements, street lighting, seating, trees, and planting.

Energy and Sustainability

The proposed development adopts a ‘Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green’ energy strategy, which is expected to achieve at least a 31% carbon reduction improvement against building regulations. Watkin Jones has increased the quantum of PV solar panels on the roof from the original plan and have converted flat roofs to green roofs, improving the aesthetics and biodiversity of the development.

Urban Design

Aspects of the architecture have also been altered to reflect community feedback. The brick tone has been lightened and the façade treatment at the top of the tower has been changed to give a lighter, more elegant appearance. The number of balconies has also increased to provide generous private amenity space. To provide an improved environment for local residents, there will be a higher quantum of planting and green space at street level on all sides of the site to benefit the wider area.

“Throughout the planning process our engagement with local stakeholders has been extremely positive. It was particularly pleasing to see so many local residents attend our public consultation event in February 2020, and to listen to their aspirations for this important site. It has been a pleasure to work with local ward Councillors Allcock, Ebel and O’Quinn, as well as the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum, and I am grateful for their valuable contributions to our proposals.”

Kenny Oke, Development
Director – Watkin Jones Group


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